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School Supplies

Required supplies for the current college student include more than I thought. Textbooks, computers, and steady supply of coffee seem pretty reasonable to me. But birth control pills?!!!

The price of prescription contraception, including pills, patches, and other devices, sold by schools has jumped, with a package of birth control pills going from about $7 to between $30 and $50, according to local college health officials. The increase was the result of a change in the 2005 Medicaid rebate law that eliminated the large discounts drug companies had offered to college health clinics.

Although the law has been in place since January, students are feeling the effects now because schools' stockpiles of the discounted prescriptions are running out.

The price increase has left Massachusetts college campuses scrambling to accommodate students' needs.

Needs? Am I reading that correctly? Cheap prescription contraception is a student need? Sexual activity outside of marriage has physical, emotional, moral and financial costs. I see no reason anyone should be subsidizing these costs. If these students are old enough to choose to have sex, they are old enough to foot the bill. There are many truly critical health care issues that Senator Edward Kennedy and company should be addressing. I can’t imagine why he is focusing on making sure college coeds get their birth control pills.


Tony said…
I was discussing this in the car last night with my wife and 17 year old daughter.

I said to my wife: "This is a good change. Why should we have to foot the bill so that college coeds can have sex any time they want to".

My daughter said: "But dad, that to prevent pregnancy".

I said: "No, honey. It's to allow unrestricted sex. There's already a 100% effective method the coeds can use to prevent pregnancy".

She got it. :)
Barb, sfo said…
It's all business....that was brought home to me so clearly when I visited my new GYN's office Monday. Birth control ads plastered the place. The only medical history he took were questions that would clearly rule out my ability to take birth control. And then he didn't know what to do when I refused that....(yes, I'm doctor-shopping again!)

It's all business that has taught people that sex should not have consequences and that people are disposable at someone's whim. It's all business that capitalizes on people's wish for convenience and instant gratification.

I wonder how many of these "young adults" would use their parents' insurance for birth-control prescriptions? And if they're not grown up enough to tell their parents what they're doing, then they're not grown up enough to do it.

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