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Was There No One Else?

I have never met Kathy Saile. Actually, I never heard her name until it was announced yesterday that she is the new Director of Domestic Policy for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Msgr. David Malloy, USCCB General Secretary, announced her appointment with these words:

“Kathy Saile brings to this important position strong commitment to the Catholic Church and its social teaching, impressive knowledge of key domestic issues and extensive policy and advocacy experience. Her service in diocesan social ministry and here in the nation’s capital will be great assets in helping the bishops articulate and advance the Church’s principles and policies seeking economic and social justice in our nation.”

These seem like perfect qualifications for someone to help the Bishops formulate their positions on domestic policy issues. In fact, I would like to substitute the word "unequivocal" for "strong" in the description of the director’s commitment to the Catholic Church and its social teaching. Unfortunately, that substitution cannot be made in the case of Kathy Saile. It seems Ms Saile’s last job was with the Lutherans. They apparently did not mind that Ms. Saile was a featured speaker at a 2006 WIN conference. From the WIN website:

WIN is Washington’s premier professional, political, and social network dedicated to empowering young, Democratic, pro-choice women. Founded in 1989 on the idea that women can help women climb the ladder of success, WIN is now over 1,000 members strong and growing.

About what did Ms. Saile address the gathering of WIN members:

14. Did the Left Cede Heaven? The Intersection of Faith and PoliticsThroughout American history religion has shaped US politics. Recent history has focused on the efforts and effects of Conservative Christians in the Republican Party, but the Left continues to be a party of people of faith. This dinner will highlight the way liberal people of faith organize to further progressive causes.
Planners: Maggie Rosenbloom & Ellen Banakis
Host: Shannon Hughs, Account Executive, Stones’ Phones Consulting
Speaker: Sammie Moshenberg, Director of Washington Operations, National Council of Jewish Women; Kathy Saile, Associate Director of Public Policy, Lutheran Services

So we can see that the new Director of Domestic Policy has a recent history of supporting a highly partisan, political organization that dedicates itself to the pro-abortion cause. Exactly what were the "progressive causes" that she advocated in her presentation? Gay marriage? Abortion? I would like to hear her answer to this. Were there no faithful Catholics suitable for this USCCB position? Has Ms. Saile publicly repudiated her past involvement in the pro-abortion cause? We have some wonderful bishops in this country, but as an organization, the USCCB leaves much to be desired. This appointment is another example of how it has failed in its pastoral duties. I suspect we will not see any bold initiatives on pro-life issues coming from the USCCB under her leadership. It will be interesting to compare her priorities with that of the Democratic Party platform.

UPDATE: If you would like to express your concern to the USCCB, you can email their communications office at

UPDATE #2: If you care to see the "progressive causes" that WIN champions, take a look at their Networks.


Rosemary Bogdan said…
Thank you for pointing this out, Denise. I don't know what to say. What a disappointment. Do you think there is anything we can do? Anyone to whom we should address our concerns?
Catholic Mom said…

See the update above. I've sent them a note. I think they need to know the faithful care about these issues.
pm said…
Well, this AM I was up early, prepared breakfast for family, got husband & teens off to work & school, made quick go-round of the house putting away items, rush off for an hour w/our Lord in Adoration, then met w/another mother to discuss Pro-Life Month activities for October and a up-coming Pro-Life Oratory contest, only to come home this eveing 6-hrs later to this news. Lovely. Deja Vu of other things I have encountered ...

Is she "Roman" Catholic?
Catholic Mom said…

I know how you feel. After spending my days trying to promote true faithful-to-the-Magisterium Catholicism,I feel like the USCCB sucker punched me. No matter. I will continue to be faithful to Christ through His One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. I will take my guidance from Rome rather than from the bureaucrats of the USCCB. I do hope some of the member bishops of the USCCB like Bishops Chaput, Burke, Finn, etc will offer some fraternal correction to those responsible for this dismal appointment. Or perhaps Ms. Saile will speak out and clearly separate herself from the agenda of WIN.
Ebeth said…
Ok, now I AM convinced that there is a difference between being an American Catholic and a true Catholic!?? What the heck!!?? I am truly appalled!

I want to roll up my sleeves.

Anonymous said…
My pastor doesn't want to speak out against abortion because he doesn't want to risk offending anyone...

I guess he is following the "leadership" of the USCCB. I prefer sticking with our pope.
Anonymous said…
Why are you so hateful towards a person you don't even know! One needs to look at their own self before casting sotnes, eh?
Catholic Mom said…
I express no hate or ill will towards Ms. Saile. I question her fitness for an important position within the USCCB based on her very public association with an organization that is in direct opposition to Catholic teaching. I think Creative Minority Report has a good analogy. It is up to Ms. Saile and the USCCB to explain how Ms. Saile's association with and support of a pro-abortion organization is compatible with Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.
ECN said…
Thanks for letting us know about this. Another Left wing assault... I have sent an email to the USCCB asking them about this - thanks for the email address too.
I pray all the time that the USA reforms, and becomes Roman Catholic once more!
Lisa said…
In reviewing both the WIN pages and the USCCB site, I was struck by the thorough pro-life abortion information and statistics, as well as Catholic pro-life doctrine, found on the Pro-Life Activities pages of the USCCB. These surely were compiled by dedicated people. In hopes that their voices within the USCCB will join with ours, I sent my letter of concern to the address you provided, but also copied it to the Pro-Life department, at
Catholic Mom said…
Thank you, Lisa. I have added a note to the USCCB pro-life office as well.
Lisa said…
I received a response from each of the USCCB addresses given, both the one you posted and the pro-life address. My response from the pro-life dept. arrived first, and was perhaps identical to the one you posted, stating a pro-life postition but with some questions left unanswered. However, today I received a second response that was unequivocable in its defense of Kathy Saile and her commitment to the Catholic position of pro-llife. Here is part of that response:
" Here are some of the relevant facts:
n Kathy was asked by a friend to participate in an informal, small dinner discussion on faith and politics.
n The dinner was one several of dozen similar dinners that evening on a wide range of topics and less than ten people attended this particular dinner.
n Kathy used the occasion to make the case that the Democratic Party’s embrace of abortion and its pro-choice litmus is wrong both morally and politically. She further insisted that many people who share progressive convictions are fully committed to the defense of unborn children. While these views were not warmly received by all the participants, most of the discussion focused on how her faith shapes Kathy’s work for the poor and vulnerable.
n Far from endorsing the group’s pro-choice agenda, Kathy challenged it and made the case that progressives can and should be pro-life and that the Democratic Party should welcome pro-life candidates and positions.
The new Director of Domestic Social Development is not an advocate of abortion, but rather used this particular occasion to make the pro-life case as part of a broader discussion. Please be assured that commitment to the Catholic Church and its teaching are a central consideration in recruiting, interviewing and selecting candidates for key USCCB positions. I hope these facts address your concerns and reassure you about the positions and actions of Kathy Saile and the USCCB. As time goes on Kathy will fully demonstrate she is a faithful and effective advocate of policies which protect the life and dignity of every person."

Catholic Mom, this Traditional Catholic Mom is satisfied. I am reminded of how our Holy Father Pope John Paul II sought to build bridges, before our present and beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict XI declared our faith the One True Church. Perhaps in Ms. Saile's judgement, that meeting was a time to stand firm but build other bridges. One cannot reach someone that has already been treated as the enemy... The above email describes her standing by her Faith and standing for the unborn. I think it is time to stand by her, and let us see....
Jack Clough said…
Also check out LifeSite article:

"Previous to the appointment, Saile was Associate Director of Public Policy for Lutheran Services in America (USA), an organization that serves the extremely liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), which recently declared that their "clergy" were free to participate in homosexual relationships… LifeSiteNews has also confirmed that Lutheran Services in America supports abortion and has a policy of distributing birth control at clinics affiliated with the organization."

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