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Holding Parents Accountable

I sure wish there was enforcement like this in Virginia.

ROCKVILLE, Md. - Which is worse? Hosting a party where a teenage girl is left alone where she passed out in her own vomit? Or not knowing she was there? Either way, a Montgomery County man faces 22 criminal counts for allegedly helping his child host a party where there was underage drinking, according to police and prosecutors.

George Barberi of Damascus faces charges ranging from reckless endangerment, which carries a possible five-year jail term, to something called 'maintaining a disorderly house.' That's a charge that basically amounts to providing a place for underage kids to drink. The party took place in August.

Having received the phone call that says “Mom, come get me. There is beer at this party” while my child was at a chaperoned party for a school-sponsored activity, I would love to have had the fear of law enforcement on my side. In spite of all the proclamations against underage drinking made by our school personnel, there is very little they can do when the parents are making the drinking possible. I know some parents say you can’t really control teenagers and alcohol, but these parents do every parent a disservice when they enable underage drinking.


Anonymous said…
drinking is pretty commonplace in England..though only my 20 year old will ocassionally have a drink..i'm a total abstinence Pioneer..
Barb, sfo said…
Yes, this is rough. Fortunately we haven't run into it with Big Brother's friends, but there WILL be a first time. Every time we take him to a gathering we remind him that he can call us and just say something like "Front door" or "I'm ready" and we will be right there.
Anonymous said…
When I was in HS, there was a kid whose parents left him home alone all the time over the weekend. Clearly this meant wild parties. When through a chain of bizarre circumstances a girl died after drinking at his house, his parents were prosecuted. I can't remember exactly what happened to them, but I know it scared the heck out of other students' parents!

Although that just meant students went to the houses of friends from other towns... a friend of a friend had a big group of us over to her enormous house after HS graduation. Her parents took our keys, bought us a keg, and left us to our own devices in their pool house. Looking back on it, I'm amazed no one drowned, and I'm doubly amazed I somehow got away with going to that party...
Anonymous said…
I think the fact that your kids would make that call and say, "Hey Mom, come get me," speaks volumes to the job you and your husband have done raising your children. Your children are blessed to have the parents that they do.

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