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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not quite as planned

It is time to turn it over to the Holy Spirit. I reported here that I was going to moderate a discussion group on the book The Apostles by Pope Benedict XVI. Well it begins on Sunday and I am not sure if anyone is showing up. The publicity for it has not been what I expected. I thought there was going to be a full-page flyer in the bulletin but instead there are two lines in the bulletin under the Religious Education news. Understand that the Religious Education news section of our bulletin has always been for CCD news so no one reads it if they don’t have children in the CCD program. We do not have a culture of adult education in our parish so no one is expecting news for the general parish to be under the religious education banner. The flyer is posted on the parish web site but it takes three clicks to get to it and once again it is posted under the CCD news. On top of that, the parish web site is only a few months old and isn’t often used by the average parishioner in the pew. I sent out emails to all the folks I know who might be interested in such a group, but that is only a small microcosm of our parish. If I can get a handful of folks involved, that will be great. I am content with starting small. So I am going to try to get over my disappointment with the apparent half-hearted support of the parish administration and just pray for the humility and grace to accept whatever God wants for this endeavor. Your prayers for this catechetical effort are greatly appreciated.


frival said...

Don't get too down. Just remember, you're still well ahead of some of us! I'm hoping to soon be able to even suggest that kind of an idea. Unfortunately adult catechesis seems to be a lost idea in many parts of the Church. It is the good fight that needs fighting yet.

Barb, sfo said...

Will they let you put a poster in the foyer or something? Our parish has a bulletin board for "coming events"--not just CCD related (CCD gets its own board.) Sounds like someone in the office over there needs to understand that you are trying to separate children's catechesis from adults'.
Prayers for your efforts, big or small. Remember, "Where 2 or 3 are gathered...."

Michelle said...

I'm soory, Denise. It sounds very frustrating.

Ebeth said...

Don't give up, please...just keep asking. That's what I am doing over here