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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Joyful Spirit in the Washington Post

The Washington Post continues to give good press coverage to traditional religious orders. Read this article about a group of cloistered nuns in Maryland. (You may have to register to read the whole article.)

"I feel we've gone way astray" on Christmas, Sister Clare Joseph said. "There's such consumerism in our society. Consumerism leads to . . . individualism, teaches our kids [to] demand and 'have to have this,' and 'I have to have this latest electronic,' and it's just a total rat race on where the thoughts are."

"I just want to tell people, 'Don't you realize God became a man? Do you realize how astonishing that is?' " she said. "I don't think people even think about that. . . . They're so intent on decorating their homes, and buying the latest, and giving more and better and prettier gifts, and then, on the flip side, wanting more and better and prettier gifts."

"And God became man!" she said. "Why? . . . Because He loves us so much. And I think that that is totally not in most people's purview at all . . . in our society."

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Barb, sfo said...

My pastor must have read this--it's almost word for word out of his homily this morning!

Thanks again for the yummy cinnamon bun recipe. Pillsbury has just lost my business :) I had no idea they were so easy! And I loved the freezer trick. I've still got one pan in the freezer for another time.