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Friday, December 07, 2007

Spe Salvi

I flew to Memphis this evening for another soccer tournament. Very pleasant, uneventful flight. I used the time to carefully read Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Spe Salvi. I can tell I will be reading it again and again. This document is incredible. I think it is even better than Deus Caritas Est. It offers so much practical advice. These are no ivory tower musings. Pope Benedict asks the question, “Is the Christian faith also for us today a life-changing and life-sustaining hope?” He then takes us step-wise through the logic to see that only through our Christian faith can we truly live with hope. He calls on Scripture as well as the works of St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, and Plato to illustrate his points. This work is a feast for the heart, mind, and soul. Put this on your must read list and savor it this Advent.

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Ebeth said...

Hi Denise! Yes, I agree, I have almost finished my first reading of the encyclical and again am in awe of our holy father and his love for us and desire to teach us. His quote from the Priest in prison, Paul, and the praises and happiness he describes while being in prison, amidst the torture, cruelty, and anger...and still finding God with him and keeping him close really drives the point that faith gives way to hope, the hope of better things to come.

Truly, the Holy Spirit doesn't make mistakes in His chosing of popes.