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Friday, January 18, 2008

Remember the Catechumens and Candidates in Your Prayers

Dave Hartline at the Catholic Report points us to this news. Allen Hunt, a former United Methodist Minister and pastor of an Atlanta Mega Church has begun his journey across the Tiber. Please take a look at Mr. Hunt’s blog. He made this announcement on January 14 and the responses have not been terribly supportive. The very first comment was:

So this means you're no longer a Christian, right?

As we move closer to Easter, there are probably thousands of Catechumens and Candidates around the world preparing to enter the Church. Like Mr. Hunt, many of them are doing so at great personal sacrifice. Their witness reminds us cradle Catholics of the great treasure we often take for granted. May God bless Mr. Hunt and all those who are coming home to Rome.


Jim said...

I checked out Mr. Hunt's blog site. The thread to which you referred was closed to new comments. That's a shame. I would have liked to tell Mr. Hunt that I was praying for him. I would have also liked to welcome him into the only church that Jesus Christ founded, the Catholic Church.

Ebeth said...

Hi Denise,

There is a "Spread the Love" blog award going around, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your devotion to spreading the Catholic Church throughout your community and beyond, so I'd like to pass this award on to you.

Thanks for all you do and for inspiring yours truly in her own mission here in my own community.