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Right after Christmas I traveled to the Ft. Lauderdale area for a few days of sun and soccer. (My compliments to the nice folks at St. Gregory’s for a lovely Mass Saturday evening.) On the flight down I read about the Roomba in the airline magazine. Now I have had a Roomba for about four years. I love it. It does an amazing job vacuuming. I primarily use it in the kitchen. I set Rosie loose and by the time I finish reading and writing my blogs, my kitchen floor looks great. When she is done, she plugs herself back into her charger. I have the mid-level model but you can get some top-of-the-line versions with amazing bells and whistles. Did you notice I called my Roomba “Rosie”? According to the magazine article, fully two-thirds of all Roomba owners have named their Roombas. For those of us who grew up with the Jetsons, Rosie seems like a logical choice. Any other Roomba users out there? I’d love to know what you call yours.


Rosemary Bogdan said…
I want one!! I've never known anyone who had one. So they really work!
Catholic Mom said…
Mine works amazingly well. I do find it works best on one room at a time. I could turn it loose on the whole downstairs but it is more effective if I do it in segments. It works on both carpet and hard floors and switches from one to the other without a problem. It doesn't like fringe so if you have area rugs with fringed edges you may have a problem. I think the newer models might be more adept at handling it. If they ever come up with one that will do stairs, I will snatch it up in a minute. I could vacuum faster than Rosie does, but while she is doing the kitchen I can be about some other task. Don't expect to save much time the first time you use one because I bet you will just be mesmerized as it looks like a little pac man zig zagging across your floor.
I have one that my husband bought me when we lived in a townhouse where the main level had a continuous wood floor, and it was great. I haven't used it since we moved 2&1/2 years ago because the battery has died and the floors here are a bit different. But I have considered getting a new battery (the old one is truly deceased) or a new Roomba. It would be especially nice to keep the dog hair down a bit better. I never did name mine, but I think the name, Rosie, is perfect!

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