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Friday, February 22, 2008

Apostolate for Family Consecration

The Apostolate for Family Consecration is beginning their 40-day program for family consecration:

During this home retreat both St. Louis de Montfort and Pope John Paul II will reveal to you that we are able to change ourselves, our families and even the world as long as we connect ourselves more completely to Our Lady. Through Mary, but also in union with St. Joseph , the virgin father, we will be joined to Christ in a much deeper way. We will become consecrated to Jesus, through Mary in union with St. Joseph , who lived this consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary most perfectly. This is the consecration that will change your life!

Please join us worldwide to make or renew this Consecration. Simply because this is the key to bring renewal to the Church and salvation to the world. Please do it for your family, for the Church and the World.

The first day was actually yesterday but it is definitely not too late to begin. Go to the Family Consecration web site and get started. My family participated in this last year. You can read about it here and here. You will be awed by the power of this family prayer.


Elizabeth Foss said...

I can find everything on the website except the "Step 1" video? Is it still available? Do you have a link?

Catholic Mom said...


I believe the Step 1 Video is the video labeled "Spirit of the World" on the web site. It is labeled Day 1 but I think it should be Step 1. That is all I could find.