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Labradinger Update

We’ve had Athena, our now nearly 7-month-old Labradinger (Labrador/Springer Spaniel mix) puppy for about 3 ½ weeks. We were told by the animal shelter that she had been a gift to a couple who was expecting a baby. Once the baby arrived, an energetic puppy was just too much to handle. We were warned that she was not housebroken in any way shape or form. Actually, she has been a dream to train. Within 24 hours she would sit on command. She is now crate trained. Housebreaking is pretty much complete except for when she gets too busy playing with the kids. Just like a toddler, she would rather keep playing than take a potty break. She also has boundless energy. I have been walking at least five miles a day with her. This is great for my waistline and keeps my leather furniture from being a tempting outlet for her energy. However, today we are inside. It is sleeting outside. I am happy to walk her in the cold, in the rain, and even in the snow. I draw the line at sleet. Unfortunately, she doesn’t find the sleet uncomfortable at all. I guess it will be endless games of fetch today. My entire spoken vocabulary will probably sound something like “Sit! Stay! Good Girl! Down! No!” She does sit quietly while I pray the Rosary out loud. This may be a very prayerful day.


Anonymous said…
I like it when you talk about the normal, everyday things going on in your life. Don't get me wrong, I come to this blog primarily to learn about our Catholic faith, but some of that stuff goes over my head. It's nice to read about a happy Catholic family going about their daily lives. God bless you all.
Anonymous said…
We have a yellow labrador..
Funny, our dog sits quietly when we are praying the Rosary, too. Sounds like she is already a member of the family! - Heide
Michelle said…
Do you have a treadmill? The sidewalks are covered with ice, and the temps are too low for me to go out with the baby, so I've been walking our dog on the treadmill. She loves it. And I can get my laundry done at the same time. Doesn't help my waistline, but spring will be here soon.

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