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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Enjoying the Visit--thanks for asking!

For those who are asking, this week’s visit with my son and his girlfriend is going great. Don’t expect any big announcements. They still have a lot of growing to do but they are obviously very fond of each other. Time will tell.

She is a lovely young woman who definitely has my son’s attention. She’s been a real trooper when it comes to her visit. The flight up here was her first time on an airplane and it was a bit bumpy landing in a Baltimore rainstorm. After a little over an hour drive home she was greeted by a very excited labradinger puppy. Soon afterwards she was greeted by a very smelly couple of folks—my husband and younger son returning from the Boy Scout mulch delivery project. Then the high winds took out our power for the next six hours. Through it all she smiled unfailingly. We went to 7:30 AM Mass in the morning since my younger son was an altar server. Upon our return she and my son volunteered to fix a pancake breakfast for the family. I know my son is smitten because he donned an apron and flipped pancakes. For my oldest to be cooking in the kitchen is an event worthy of recording in the Family Bible.

They have spent the week exploring the sights of Washington DC. I think she has enjoyed herself and we have certainly enjoyed meeting her and sharing my son with her. Thanks to all who have prayed for us. I will certainly say a prayer for your children as well. They are all growing so fast. This song currently playing on the country music stations resonates with me in a special way this week. It really does seem like it was only a blink of an eye ago that my oldest was a little guy in an oversized Atlanta Braves baseball hat planning on being a professional baseball player. I remember when I married a lieutenant. In a few short months I will be the mother of a lieutenant. This journey is going by way too fast!

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Jim said...

Thanks for the update. Thanks even more for the laugh that your "Family Bible" remark gave me. :-)

By the way, you can hear that Kenny Chesney song by clicking here.