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Papal Visit Drinking Game

Last Sunday our parish priest warned us the Mainstream Media would be pulling out all the major dissenters to provide commentary on Pope Benedict's visit to the United States. We could almost make it a Catholic drinking game: Everyone has to down his glass and pour another round whenever a major media outlet trots out Fr. Thomas Reese, Fr. Richard McBrien, Fr. Andrew Greely, or Sr. Joan Chittister. We can probably at least take a sip whenever we hear from the spokesperson for Call to Action, Voice of the Faithful, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, or Womyn Priests.

Update: As Paul points out in the comments, the rounds of this game could go by fast and furiously. Therefore, you may want to consider a non-alcoholic beverage. I thought about shots of espresso but that would probably keep me wired until Pentecost. So I may be chugging orange juice. Also, before you drain your glass, remember to say a prayer for the success and safety of the Pope's journey as well as a prayer for the enlightenment of whichever Catholic naysayer prompted you to quaff your beverage.

Update #2: If you want to see authentically Catholic coverage of the Pope's visit, go to the EWTN website. They have streaming live video of the major events as well as faithful analysis.


Barb, sfo said…
And those of us who don't drink will shave a few years off Purgatory by putting up with all of that drivel in a sober fashion.

That's my only consolation.

At least they ditched the Pope Bobblehead.
Jim said…
I was hoping that you, Dr. Hunnell, would start a blog post about The Holy Father's upcoming visit to the United States. I say that because this new post allows me to share some personal news without getting too far off point.

That news is that I will be one of 5,000 people who were fortunate enough (blessed, really) to get tickets to stand in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral on the morning of April 19th. We'll be there to welcome The Holy Father and to watch the Mass he will be celebrating on Jumbotron. It goes without saying that I very excited. I'm asking that my friends on this blog site say a little prayer that I get through the various security check points early enough to be able to get a good spot near where The Holy Father will be arriving. Wish me luck!

Incidentally, those 5,000 tickets were all gone within hours of being offered
Paul Nichols said…
As a long-ago veteran of drinking games, I know that you need to be careful of what you get yourself into - you could be drunk as a skunk within a day!
Unconscious in less than an hour in this case.
After all this trouble to become a Catholic and you suggest I drink orange juice? Hell no, pass the scotch!
Kathleen here, with a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz I'm willing to share, Bovina...

Is James Carroll on your list of tired, cranky, out-of-touch dissidents? I had to drain almost my whole liquor cabinet after hearing him blather on The News Hour w/Jim Lehrer this evening.
Catholic Mom said…
James Carroll should most definitely be on our list of dissidents meriting a chug.

Bovina Bloviator: Welcome to the Church! I've enjoyed your commentary at the MCJ and applaud your earnest discernment that brought you across the Tiber. Please know that many of us cradle Catholics are eternally grateful for converts like you. It is wonderful to have folks in the pew who actually had real catechesis. Don't be surprised if you find yourself teaching cradle Catholics a thing or two. So help yourself to your Scotch!
Catholic Mom,
Warm thanks and cheers!

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