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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Peter Kreeft: The GK Chesterton of Our Times

Peter Kreeft is one of the most gifted Catholic writers of our time. Fortunately, he is also one of the most prolific. My husband suggested that Peter Kreeft may very well be the G.K. Chesterton of our time. I don’t think that overstates this man’s potential influence. David Hartline at The Catholic Report links to one of Dr. Kreeft’s recent lectures. It is a sobering analysis of our current culture, a clarion call to action, and a message of hope that the culture war can be won if we turn to our faith and ask for and accept God’s grace.

We should challenge ourselves to give Him fifteen minutes a day in totally focused prayer, and gradually work our way up to even more prayer time. It will change our lives. We need to stop doing and just be. But, it is difficult, for we are addicted to our "time-saving" ways.

The enemy fears prayer as much as Dracula fears the crucifix. Dracula takes blood; Christ gives His Blood. Dracula focuses on "my body;" Christ gives His Body in the Eucharist. Abortion is the anti-Eucharist, the perfect "sacrament" of the Culture of Death.

What Can We Do to Win the Culture War?

First and foremost, we must have faith, and we must feed that faith through:

1. Contemplative prayer

2. The sacrament of confession

3. The Eucharist

Weapons and Tactics:

We must give a "Yes" response to God, just as Mary did: "Be it done to me according to Thy word." We must let God into the deepest parts of our lives and of our being. Please be a saint.

If you are looking for more of Peter Kreeft’s writing, I have to recommend Catholic Christianity. This is his comprehensive study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you are looking for something for the middle school to high school age group, you have to read Because God is Real. This is a phenomenal book that offers straight answers that young people can understand without ever being condescending or sappy. As Peter Kreeft said, he did not write a book for young people. He wrote an adult book that young people can understand. This book is perfect for those studying for Confirmation as well as their parents. In fact, in the introduction, Peter Kreeft tells the young reader to make sure his parents read this book too. My son and some of his Confirmation buddies are starting up a group study of this book.

Peter Kreeft describes our times as a "Spiritual Hiroshima". Yet he is not a prophet of doom. He affirms there can be no defeat when we align ourselves with God. The question is do we have the courage and the will to do so.

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