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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pope Benedict's Secret

The National Catholic Register has a very good piece by Fr. John Bartunekthat looks at the amazing appeal Pope Benedict has for Catholics. He is a quiet man. He doesn't have the dramatic flair of Pope John Paul II. Yet he is irresistible. Why? Consider this:

If every Catholic hoped as deeply as he does in the power of God’s grace, and if every Catholic strove as valiantly for that same unbreakable integrity between belief, word, and action, then the Church itself would begin to exercise a power of attraction strong enough to draw forth from this turbulent, secular age, a renewed, vigorous, and truly Christian, culture.


Jim said...

With respect to the differences between Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, I like what Peggy Noonan recently wrote:

"John Paul made you burst into tears. Benedict makes you think. It is more pleasurable to weep, but at the moment, perhaps it is more important to think."

"A Vatican reporter last week said John Paul was the perfect pope for the television age, 'a man of images.' Think of the pictures of him storm-tossed, tempest-tossed, standing somewhere and leaning into a heavy wind, his robes whipping behind him, holding on to his crosier, the staff bearing the image of a crucified Christ, with both hands, for dear life, as if consciously giving Christians a picture of what it is to be alive."

"Benedict, the reporter noted, is the perfect pope for the Internet age. He is a man of the word. You download the text of what he said, print it, ponder it."

Something Beautiful Has Begun

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Wow. So true.