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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome to the USA and Happy Birthday Pope Benedict XVI

Thanks to Esther for this graphic!

I am so excited! The Pope arrived safe and sound yesterday evening. Don't forget to offer a prayer of thanksgiving and continue to pray for the Pope's journey. May his words touch many hearts in spite of the barrage of Catholic naysayers. I will not be attending any of the papal events, but my daughter will be attending tomorrow's Mass at the Washington Nationals stadium. I truly believe the impact of this visit will unfold over many years. There will be conversions. There will be discernment. Pray that many souls will be open to Christ's graces and blessings.

Aggie Catholics has the transcript of the Pope's address to President Bush and to the American People at today's welcoming ceremony.


Jim said...

Your daughter was very lucky to obtain a ticket to attend the Mass that The Holy Father will be celebrating in Washington, DC. I live in NJ and each parish here in the Diocese of Trenton was given just 4 (four) tickets to give away for the public Mass that The Holy Father will be celebrating at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

Although I won't be attending the Mass at Yankee Stadium, I will be one of the lucky 5,000 ticket holders standing in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral on Saturday morning. We will be there to welcome The Holy Father when he arrives to say Mass for the priests and religious of the New York Archdiocese. Like you, Dr. Hunnell, I also am very excited.

May the Lord continue to bless and protect our Pope!

JLF said...

My husband was chosen by lottery from our parish (Flint, MI) to be part of a group of young adults traveling to New York for the Holy Father's visit. They were blessed to have tickets both for the steps of St. Patrick's and for Mass at Yankee Stadium.

Jim, I hope your experience at St. Patrick's was a blessed one. i spoke to my husband very briefly while he was waiting there and I could feel the hope and love of the crowd through the phone.

May the Pope's presence strengthen the faithful and stir the hearts of those whose faith has gone cold.

Jim said...


Thanks for the kind words. My experience in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral was amazing! Never before have I seen such an outpouring of love -- not only towards The Holy Father, but towards the thousands of priests, deacons and religious for whom The Holy Father celebrated Mass. I wish I could adequately convey to you just how overwhelmed those entering the cathedral were at the reception that they received from the crowds outside. That said, I will not long forget the tears in the eyes of the bishops, priests, deacons, nuns and brothers who were cheered on like they were rock stars, and who were told in no uncertain terms just how much they are loved and respected.

I hope your husband and Dr. Hunnell's daughter had similar experiences. Thanks to all who said a little prayer for me and those gathered in front of St. Patrick's.