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I know I said, "Thy Will Be Done" but....

The diagnostics are over. We have an answer. My daughter tore both her ACL and MCL in her knee. That means surgery. That means no freshman soccer season in the fall. That means hours and hours of physical therapy and rehab if she wants to play again. And she does want to play again.

The good news is that these challenges, pains, and sufferings are not for naught. As my daughter commented, the souls in Purgatory are probably feeling hopeful since she will have plenty of trials ahead to offer up on their behalf.

It is times like these that the words “Thy will be done” come to mind. I pray these words every day, but do I really mean them? Am I really ready to accept His will when it hurts like Hell? Christ shouldered the sins of the whole world—past, present, and future—through His Passion and Death. He redeemed the whole world—past, present, and future—through His Resurrection. He calls me to cooperate with Him in the world’s salvation history. I really shouldn’t be surprised if that means I have to suffer for my own sake or for the sake of others. Whatever happens, I know that God will use it to bring about a greater good.

The next time you offer an Our Father, pause and reflect on those words “Thy will be done”. Understand what you are saying. God only wants the best for you, but sometimes the best means suffering.


Barb, sfo said…
I'm sorry to hear the result. Praying that she will have skilled & caring doctors & therapists who will help her through her recovery!
Michelle said…
You know that because she's young and in good shape her recovery time should be on the shorter side of average. I'll keep her in my prayers.
Jim said…
That your daughter, a mere 18 years old, would think of the souls in Purgatory at a time like this says a great deal about her faith. It also speaks volumes to the amazing job that you and your husband did raising your children.

I will continue to keep Marie (and all the Hunnells) in my prayers. Please let your daughter know that her faith has been an inspiration to me.
Rosemary Bogdan said…
So sorry to hear of your daughter's injury. May the Lord multiply her prayers for the souls in purgatory and may her present sacrifice seem trivial compared to the enormous good she will bring about by her offering. May the Lord heal her quickly.
Sarah Reinhard said…
A salute to you, that your daughter, facing this tremendous challenge, is thinking of the souls in purgatory.

And, of course, many prayers for you all.

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