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Monday, June 30, 2008

Illusions of Progress

This appeared in the Sunday London Times:

A woman has conceived Britain’s first baby guaranteed to be free from hereditary breast cancer.
Doctors screened out from the woman’s embryos an inherited gene that would have left the baby with a greater than 50% chance of developing the cancer.

A few months ago I attended the funeral of an amazing woman who died of breast cancer. She was in her thirties when the disease was diagnosed. She valiantly fought this disease for six years. However, she did not live her life centered upon her cancer. She raised four children. She volunteered at school. She sent notes of encouragement to teachers. She was a loving wife and a faithful friend. Her funeral Mass was so packed with people it looked like Easter Sunday.

Do these people in Great Britain really think it would be better if this woman had never been born?

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