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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The political season is in full swing and David Bowie keeps singing in my head. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes seems to be theme song on everyone’s lips. Change is the motto of Barack Obama. No mention of change from what or to what. Just change. In his book Orthodoxy (first published in 1908) G.K. Chesterton had something to say about such a mindset:

It is true a man (a silly man) might make change itself his object or ideal. But as an ideal, change becomes unchangeable. If a change-worshiper wishes to estimate his own progress he must be sternly loyal to the ideal of change; he must not begin to flirt gaily with the idea of monotony. Progress itself cannot progress. It is worth a remark in passing, that when Tennyson, in a wild and rather weak manner, welcomed the idea of infinite alteration in society, he instinctively took a metaphor which suggests an imprisoned tedium. He wrote—Let the great world spin forever down the ringing grooves of change. He thought of change itself as an unchangeable groove; and so it is. Change is about the narrowest and hardest groove a man can get into.

I wonder if Barack Obama has ever read Chesterton?

UPDATE: Here is a good analysis of the "changes" Obama seeks.


Jim said...

"Change is the motto of Barack Obama. No mention of change from what or to what. Just change." -- Dr. Denise Hunnell

After reading the words above, I couldn't help but recall my 12 year-old niece's favorite expression of late: "PUH-LEEEZE!"

With all due respect, Dr. Hunnell, if you haven't heard how and what Senator Obama wants to change, then you aren't paying attention.

The Blueprint For Change: Obama's Plan For America

YourGraciousHost said...

BO does want change. He wants to change America into a socialist/marxist state where we all worship at the altar of liberal orthodoxy.

Catholic Mom said...

Yourgracioushost: I completely agree with you. I posted here about his plan to develop "behavior education". He has never met an abortion he can't support. He stated the one legislative decision he regretted was the Senate decision to keep Terry Schiavo alive pending further review. With that sort of moral fiber you can imagine what sort of behavior education he will support. It takes an incredible amount of arrogance to believe that you have the wisdom to decide who should live and who should die. The dignity of every human life is non-negotiable.

Catholic Mom said...


Please see the update above for a very accurate Catholic analysis of the Obama agenda. The point of my original post was to point out that we are hearing the buzzwords "Change" as if that in and of itself is worthy of support. It takes some digging to find out what the real meaning of that word is.