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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pelosi has Company

Just in case you think Ms. Pelosi is a rare bird for mangling Church history and teaching to justify her support of abortion, read this:

SEN. BIDEN: Well, I was 29 years old when I came to the United States Senate, and I have learned a lot. Look, Tim, I’m a practicing Catholic, and it is the biggest dilemma for me in terms of comporting my, my religious and cultural views with my political responsibility. And the decision that I have come to is Roe v. Wade is as close to we’re going to be able to get as a society that incorporates the general lines of debate within Christendom, Judaism and other faiths, where it basically says there is a sliding scale relating to viability of a fetus. We can argue about whether or not it’s precisely set, whether it’s right or wrong in terms of its three months as opposed to two months, but it does encompass, I’ve come to conclude, the only means by which, in this heterogeneous society of ours, we can read some general accommodation on what is a religiously charged and a publicly-charged debate. That’s the, that’s the decision I’ve come to.

Even within our own church, there’s been debates about life, you know, from, from “Summa Theologica,” Aquinas, and 40 days to quickening and right to, you know, you know, Pious IX, animated fetus doctrine and so on. So this—the, the, the decision’s the closest thing politically to what has been the philosophic divisions existent among the major confessional faiths in our country. And that’s why, I think, that’s why I’ve come to the conclusion some long time ago, over 25 years ago, that is the—it is the template which makes the most sense.

(H/T to American Papist for the link)


Jim said...

Well, I now know why Senator Biden is able to receive Holy Communion -- at least in his home state of Delaware, that is -- his publicly-stated, pro-abortion views notwithstanding. Biden's current bishop, Bishop Saltarelli, has written that he prefers "active engagement and dialogue" with pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Senator Biden. Moreover, His Excellency has written that "It is not my expectation that individual priests, deacons and extraordinary ministers of communion will make judgments on their own as to the worthiness of individual Catholic public servants to receive communion."

What was it that the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live used to say? Oh yeah ... "Well, isn't that special?"

All joking aside, perhaps things will change soon enough in our nation's first state. The Diocese of Wilmington will be welcoming a new shepherd in the weeks to come. On September 8, 2008, The Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly, D.D. will be installed as the ninth bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. I hope I am not out of line by profferring an opinion on the matter, but I am certainly hoping that the new bishop is willing to crack the whip, so to speak, and deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians like Senator Biden. With all due respect to Bishop Saltarelli, I cannot see how "active engagement and dialogue" has does anything but to embolden schismatic lay Catholics.

P{otamiaena said...

This crazy logic will be used to run our country?