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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pelosi: 1=2

But I do tell you that if the Democrats win, and have substantial majorities, Congress of the United States will be more bipartisan," said Pelosi.

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

Please note that the word “bipartisan” begins with the prefix “bi”. That refers to the number two—as in two parties. If the Democrats win with substantial majorities in both the House and Senate (You do know we have a bicameral legislature, don’t you?), that would be one party running the show. It is hard to see how that is bipartisan.

You know in just the last few months you have declared that the Catholic teaching on the immorality of abortion is only about fifty years old, that natural gas is not a fossil fuel, and now that one party controlling everything is bipartisan. I have to wonder if you and I are both speaking English because I really don’t understand what you are saying.


Catholic Mom
(Actually, I am not sure you know what Catholic means either)

1 comment:

Smiley said...

Catholic means Universal. Anyway Pelosi and Biden need to spend some time introspecting on why they call themselves Catholic.
And since Biden and Pelosi have lied about the truth you can be damn sure that they will lie about everything else