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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome Visitors!

Welcome to all the visitors to my blog from Obama supporting sites. It seems an anonymous commenter is going to these sites and posting the same comment: "What makes me angry is when other bloggers say that it is morally illicit to vote for Obama". He then links to my blog. He is probably the same anonymous poster on my blog post below. In any case, welccome to the blog. Feel free to comment, but I do ask that your comments be civil. We try to keep things family friendly around here.

In response to my angry anonymous poster, I will offer the words of Bishop Hermann:

I have no doubt that there may be some so-called good Catholics who are reading this column and who may be really angry about now. I ask the question "Why would such a person be angry?" If we do good deeds, then our conscience is at peace. If we do evil deeds, then our conscience bothers us. It is my hope that this column will lead some of our so-called good Catholics to study the Catholic Catechism.

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Lynne said...

Thank you Catholic Mom (and Bishop Hermann) for stating the Truth...