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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alternative Ways to Give

The USCCB collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is coming up in a couple of weeks. There will be no check in the collection basket from me.

Washington DC, Nov 5, 2008 (CNA).- The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has begun investigating the more than $1 million in church grants given to the voter registration group ACORN. Fearing the grants may have been used in partisan or fraudulent ways which could threaten the Church’s tax-exempt status, they have hired forensic accounting experts.

Workers with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are being questioned by state officials and the FBI about voter registration forms they submitted with signatures from Mickey Mouse and members of the Dallas Cowboys football team, the Washington Times reports.

ACORN’s registration efforts target low-income neighborhoods believed to favor the Democrats. Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama himself once worked with ACORN as a community organizer and lawyer in Chicago.

According to the Washington Times, the Catholic Campaign on Human Development (CCHD) granted $1,037,000 to ACORN in 2007, including a $40,000 grant to an ACORN affiliate in Las Vegas that the Nevada attorney general’s office raided last month as part of a voter fraud investigation.

In fact, I think I am done contributing to any general funds, either USCCB or Diocesan. I am going to contribute my cash directly to specific projects. For example, I will give money directly to Christ House rather than give it to the Diocese and hope they distribute it to Christ House. I will donate directly to Gabriel Project and Project Rachel instead of giving to the Diocese to dole out to these pro-life causes. After the Catholic Charities fiasco in the Richmond Diocese and the ACORN scandal of the USCCB I am not confident that these umbrella charities are the best way to share my treasure.


Michelle said...

Yes, I saw that envelope yesterday. Like I said, silly me. I would think my money given at church would be better utilized and I'm scandalized that some of these groups merely pass the money on to other groups, some secular.

RAnn said...

However, if your parish has a quota that isn't met though the special collection, you'll end up giving anyway, just indirectly.

Kelly said...

I addressed this topic on my own blog and wish to let you know about the CCHD envelope. It served today as an excellent paper for the grocery list and is now in the recycle bin which benefits my son's parochial school. My Bishop and Pastor don't expect a huge outpouring to the CCHD this year. Hopefully, Bishop Morin will hold the CCHD to a higher standard - God's.