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Marriage is not the same thing as hiring a general contractor!

The main point of this article is to illustrate the disappointment of gay couples over the rejection of gay marriage in so many states, most notably California. It also tries to paint gay couples as just like their heterosexual counterparts. Most of the article is very forgettable. However, this quote sums up the problem with our culture’s modern view of “marriage”.

"We're out shopping for our renovated kitchen," says Jeff Van Luyn, with his partner, Jim Stanko. They're not being segregated. They're not being denied entrance to public places. "So how much can we complain?" They buy a juicer, a cutting board, some hand towels.

Van Luyn thinks that the problem is the religious undertones that have become associated with marriage. "When it's just a contract. Like the contract we had with the guy who remodeled our apartment."

I hate to break it to these guys but religious undertones didn’t just recently get associated with marriage. From the beginning, marriage has had religious significance. It is only recently that our culture has tried to remove religion from marriage and make it “just a contract”. What happens if you don’t like the work of the guy who remodeled your apartment? You hire someone else. This is not how marriage is supposed to work. Marriage isn’t a contingency agreement. You promise to love each other in good times and bad, sickness and health, for richer or poorer, until death do you part. It is supposed to last a lifetime. It is a vocation through which you serve God. Feel free to make a legal contract with whomever you please. But your legal contract is not marriage.


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