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Praying for and supporting those who pray for us

Today, November 21, is the Feast of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. As Pope Benedict mentioned in his Wednesday address, this is a day to remember in prayer our cloistered religious communities.

After leading the Angelus, the Pope called the attention of his audience to the approaching feast of the Presentation, celebrated on November 21. He reminded the faithful that the feast day is traditionally marked for special prayers for cloistered religious communities. The faithful should recognize the constant support provided by the prayerful witness of these religious, he said. "Let us in our turn pray for them and for new vocations, and undertake to support the material needs of monasteries," the Pope said.

May I make another suggestion? In addition to praying for them, consider supporting the many cottage industries that support their communities. Taking a cue from the Anchoress, I would like to make some suggestions:

The Holy Transfiguration Skete is a Catholic Monastery of the Byzantine rite which is in union with the Pope in Rome. It is located in the far reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The monks support their community with the Jam Pot. I spent four years living in the Upper Peninsula and developed a taste for thimbleberry jam. The good monks have thimbleberry jam and more!

The Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel offer high quality gourmet mustard. Devoutly Dill and Hallelujah Jalepeno are on my shopping list.

The Dominican Nuns of Summit New Jersey support their life of prayer with a variety of handcrafted soaps, lip balm and hand cream. I absolutely love the lavender hand cream!

The Trappistine Nuns of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey feed our souls with prayer and feed our senses with delicious creamy caramels. Just in case any of my CCD students are reading this, your teacher really likes chocolate caramels!

As I type this post I am sipping Mystic Monks coffee. My favorite is the Mystic Monks Blend but my next order should include a bag of the Hermits’ Bold Blend that has been highly recommended. You may have read about these industrious monks in Wyoming. They have been featured in the National Catholic Register as well as my home diocesan paper, the Arlington Herald.

The following religious orders are not selling anything, but they are truly faithful to the Magisterium. Consider adding them to your Christmas list and offering a donation.

Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
the Nashville Dominicans
Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker
Sisters of Life
Appostles of the Interior Life


Barb, sfo said…
The Monks have a fabulous Mexican fair-trade organic decaf...yummy...

Thanks for the list!

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