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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Serenity and Fortitude of Angels

Today we mark the memorial of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. She was born in Italy in 1850 but eventually traveled to the United States as a missionary. She became a citizen of the United States and was the first United States citizen to be canonized. Today’s Magnificat offers a poignant reflection from St. Frances Xavier Cabrini:

What shall we not do for the love of such a loving God, so generous that he has called us to follow him so closely and to continue the mission of Jesus on earth? Let us correspond to so great a love. Let us be generous, and remember that the salvation of the world is entrusted to our charity. We can do nothing because we are poor and weak, but let us have a lively faith and trust in him who strengthens us. Let us expand our hearts to help so many souls lying under the yoke of the king of darkness. With the fire of our love, let us break the heavy chains keeping them bound in the terrible service of the devil.

When we see our efforts are unsuccessful, let us throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus. Groaning over the world’s iniquity, let us beg his divine heart to lay bare his infinite treasures of mercy. Then let us return again to our work, without giving in to exhaustion. Hardships must never discourage the spouse of Christ; rather, they should make her stronger and more determined. Do not be dismayed by rejection and mockery. Go forward always, with the serenity and fortitude of angels, because you are the angels of the earth and so must continue on your way in the midst of so many contrary influences. Everyone can be serene when things run smoothly; it is in difficult situations that fidelity and constancy are proven.

These are trying times. I feel like the little toehold of holiness we had in our culture has been swept away by the latest election. There is no doubt that there will be an increase in the cultural hostility towards faithful Christians. The economic uncertainty can leave one feeling more than a little bit anxious.

Pope Benedict, in yesterday’s Wednesday audience, illustrated how faith and a focus on Heaven steadies us in tumultuous world of today.

Our life in this world, marked by trials and tribulations, must be inspired by the hope of heaven and the expectation of our resurrection to glory. Paul’s rich eschatology, linking the “already” of Christ’s resurrection to the “not yet” of our life in this world, is reflected in his statement that “in hope we were saved” (Rom 8:24). This same joyful expectation of the Lord’s return and the fulfilment of the Father’s saving plan is seen in the ancient Christian prayer with which he concludes his first Letter to the Corinthians: Maranà, thà! Come, Lord Jesus!

Therefore, let us be mindful of the words of both St. Frances Cabrini Xavier and our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and “go forward with the serenity and fortitude of angels.”

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