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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Power of Intercessory Prayer

I would be remiss if I did not thank everyone for their prayers during my recent wrist fracture surgery. I went for my post-op follow up on Tuesday. The surgeon was truly amazed. Considering the shattered state of my wrist when she saw me in the emergency room she said that “never in a million years” did she expect it to look as good as it does now. I have no doubt that my exemplary recovery is in large part attributable to your intercessory prayers.

My second son had his own positive experience with intercessory prayer as well. He was preparing for one of his final exams. The professor allowed them to bring in a one page “cheat sheet”. The challenge was to figure out what to include on the sheet. There was only room to put a small fraction of the course material in the allotted space. As he prepared he remembered St. Joseph of Cupertino and asked for the saint’s prayers as he prepared his test aid. You may remember that St. Joseph of Cupertino’s student prayer includes a petition that you are only asked questions to which you know the answers. My son called me right after the test with happy news. Every test question related to one of the facts he had chosen to include on his cheat sheet.

Never doubt the power of prayer. Do not hesitate to ask the Lord for favors great and small. Just remember the answers to our prayers may be a surprise. Make your requests with the intention of “Thy will, not my will, be done” and the answers to many prayers will be showered upon you.


Barb, sfo said...

Wow, I will have to share that St. Joseph Cupertino prayer with the students in my family!
Glad to hear your wrist is recovering "better than expected." Prayer is a wonderful thing.

Denise said...

St. Joseph Cupertino has always been one of my favorites! I knew a different prayer to him (although I cannot find it now) but I remember saying it before EVERY final. One time my (public school) History Teacher even read it to the whole class....she wasn't Catholic, but she was smart enough to know he just might help!

Glad to hear that you are on the mend! Continued prayers for health and wellness!

Jackie Parkes said...

Good reminder..thankyou..