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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Many blogs are posting the statement by Bishop Vasa of Oregon entitled "Those who profess to love God, but back abortion are liars". If you have not read this statement yet, head over now and read the whole thing. If only every bishop in the country would echo this sentiment and every priest would relay it from the pulpit. Specifically, pay close attention to these words:

Thus I strongly urge all who have a glimmer of concern for the lives of pre-born children to engage themselves in this postcard campaign. This is not an action which would limit or alter present permissive abortion laws, which some so-called Catholic pro-choice persons might object to, it would simply preclude a dramatic expansion of that permissiveness. Thus it would be very difficult for any Catholic, no matter how much in favor of abortion itself, to find a reason to refuse to participate in this campaign. At the same time, I do not see how any Catholic senator or representative could vote for the passage of FOCA without recognizing that such a vote would constitute a direct and intentional declaration of their disdain for Catholic teaching. Such a vote would be tantamount to a public declaration of their intention to abandon the Catholic faith. It would be imperative that the faith consequences of such a declaration be allowed to fall fully on the heads of those who would make it.

Why do we need such strong words? Right now, the gentle "pastoral" approach has convinced way too many Catholics that dissenting from Church teaching on grave moral issues is no big deal. Catholics dissent on issues of abortion, contraception, fornication, cohabitation and figure that they are justified by the norms of our culture. But Jesus himself instructed us to be in the world but not of the world. This is not a matter of asserting the power of the Church. This is a matter of the salvation of souls. Bishops who minimize the effects of such moral depravity risk leading many souls into sin. The time is passed for coddling those who publicly dissent from Church teaching. To a bishop or pastor it may mean missing out on a big donation or an invitation to an exclusive social event. So be it. It is time to turn over a few tables.

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