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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Small Step

Perhaps it is a good thing that Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded like the reincarnation of Margaret Sanger when she defended the inclusion of hundreds of millions of dollars for contraception in the economic stimulus package. The outcry was enough that President Obama has requested House leaders to remove this provision from the legislation. I truly thank him for this action. He did the right thing. Thomas Peters has more information and analysis here.

That is one small step for moral and fiscal responsibility. There are some giant leaps still to go. Stay tuned.

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Peter Brown said...

It's an encouraging (if small) sign for those of us who figured President Obama would use intransigence on social issues to keep his credibility with his liberal base, thereby winning himself political room to be more moderate on the economy, foreign policy, etc. While there are certainly plenty of shoes still poised to drop, I agree that Mr. Obama deserves our thanks for doing the right thing here.