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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Trojan Horse

Because it is Lent, I have truly tried to stay out of the political fray and focus my writing on spiritual growth and reflection. However, this is too critical to ignore. Back in January I called attention to President Obama’s modus operandi of Trojan Horse policy making. He is at it again.

Yesterday, President Obama opened the door for the destruction of human life for research purposes with his authorization of expanded embryonic stem cell research. This is another expected action. However, look at the final sentence of his proclamation:

(b) Executive Order 13435 of June 20, 2007, which supplements the August 9, 2001, statement on human embryonic stem cell research, is revoked.

What is Executive Order 13435? This is the order by President Bush that directs federal funding to be spent on research of alternatives to embryonic stem cells. Not only did President Obama give federal funds to the immoral practice of human embryo destruction, but he took away federal funds from the morally acceptable research that seeks alternatives to embryo destruction. Is it surprising that President Obama did not explicitly spell this out in his executive order?

Embryonic Stem Cell Research has produced no successful treatments. Morally acceptable alternatives have produced hundreds of successful therapies. Why does President Obama insist on evil?

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is promoted by those who support abortion. If one affords any dignity to the human embryo in the laboratory, then the morality of abortion can be called into question. Therefore, it is in the interest of preserving the perception of abortion as a moral right that human embryos are afforded no special status in the laboratory.

The lesson here is that we must remain vigilant. Every word of every piece of legislation, every executive order, and every policy statement must be examined. We cannot trust this administration to be truthful and forthright.

Here is a statement by the Catholic Medical Association:

CONTACT: John Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L. Executive Director & Ethicist
Catholic Medical Association

CMA Protests Obama Executive Order
Funding Life-Destroying Embryonic Stem Cell Research

DATELINE March 10, 2009 – The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) protests President Obama’s March 9, 2009, executive order providing taxpayer funding for research that destroys the lives of human embryos. This decision demonstrates a disregard for human life, for the beliefs of millions of Americans, and for the lives and health of those suffering from devastating diseases and injuries.

CMA President Louis C. Breschi, M.D., stated, “It is very unfortunate that, at a time when ethical options are showing greater promise than ever, and when the nation’s economy is suffering, President Obama would direct more taxpayer dollars into scientific research that is unethical, ineffective, unworkable, and unnecessary.”

John F. Brehany, Ph.D., CMA’s executive director, explained further: “President Obama’s radical new policy is unethical because human beings—at the embryonic stage of life—are being destroyed in the name of curing disease. It is ineffective because human embryonic stem cell research has no demonstrated success in treating diseases, despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in federal, state, and private funding. Basing therapies on human embryonic stem cells is unworkable because it will require obtaining human eggs from thousands of women—a painful, dangerous, and expensive process. And finally, destroying human embryos is unnecessary. Not only have adult stem cell (ASC) therapies demonstrated real-life success in treating dozens of diseases, but new induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) techniques have created cells with all the properties of embryonic stem cells—without destroying human lives to obtain them.”

President Obama’s action belies the language of consensus, high ideals, and scientific objectivity in which it is wrapped. For, at the same time he overturned the executive order limiting federal funding to those embryonic stem cell lines created before August 9, 2001, President Obama also revoked, without comment, a June 20, 2007, executive order (no. 13435) encouraging the National Institutes of Health to promote research into clinically effective alternative sources of stem cell lines—sources that do not depend on destroying human life.

Finally, while President Obama claimed that he would reject “cloning for human reproduction,” he failed to acknowledge that he actually supports human cloning—for therapy and research. His policy provides taxpayer funding for a new industry dedicated to creating and destroying human lives in labs.

The Catholic Medical Association is the nation’s largest professional organization of Catholic physicians. To learn more about the CMA and its publications, go to


Rosemary Bogdan said...

I am aghast. His presidency is becoming more and more a nightmare. Does he not have a conscience? Thanks for sharing this, Denise.

EbethW said...

What are we going to do!! What are we going to do??? All this is getting too much. Reading what Esther says on her site today, I am wondering very seriously if this man is the antichrist.