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The Glamour of Evil

The University of Notre Dame has invited President Barack Obama to be its 2009 commencement speaker and will confer upon him an honorary law degree. It must seem quite glamorous to have the President of the United States honor a university with his presence. However, when that university professes to be Catholic and this president has violated non-negotiable Catholic principles on a nearly weekly basis for the last two months, it seems to me that such behavior is akin to selling one's soul to the devil.

Please note the difference between non-negotiable Catholic principles and principles about which faithful Catholics can disagree. Catholicism is not synonymous with pacifisism. Two faithful Catholics can disagree about whether a specific armed conflict is justified. Abortion and embryonic stem cell research are non-negotiable issues. The sanctity of human life from conception to natural death is not just one of many "peace and justice" issues. The sanctity of human life is THE ISSUE from which all other "peace and justice" issues take their justification. It is an illusion to say you are working for justice if you do not safeguard the right to life.

Notre Dame has a choice. It can either reject its Catholic identity and bask in the limelight of the president's celebrity status, or it can stand firm in its Catholic identity and reject the glamour of evil. Like it or not, Notre Dame stands as a perceived authority on what faithful Catholics think. I resent this icon of American Catholicism putting its seal of approval on President Obama's culture of death agenda. If you are also opposed to this action, please go here and let your voice be heard.


Barb, sfo said…
Shame on my alma mater!
I just received an appeal from the Alumni Fund. They'll be getting a letter from me, in their very own postage-paid envelope. I'll be writing to President (Father) Jenkins as well.
^ganda^ said…
I heard this issue at Ave Maria Radio I can't believe it!! A catholic university will honor and invite a pro-death politician at that??That is an insult!!
Rosemary Bogdan said…
Great post, Denise. You said it exactly right!!! I hope you will email the post to Fr. Jenkins.
Rosemary Bogdan said…
Denise, I just emailed your post to Fr. Jenkins. Hope you don't mind. His address?
Angela said…
Thank you for leaving the president's email address. I just emailed him a concerned letter from Tennessee. I ache inside.

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