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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Untold Story

Did your local paper or the national news give this story headline coverage?

Researchers from DaVinci Biosciences, Costa Mesa, California, in collaboration with Hospital Luis Vernaza in Ecuador, have determined that injecting a patient's own bone marrow-derived stem cells (autologous BMCs) directly into the spinal column using multiple routes can be an effective treatment for spinal cord injury (SCI) that returns some quality of life for SCI patients without serious adverse events.

I didn't see any major coverage of this medical breakthrough either. Take a look at Wesley Smith's blog to read about this tremendous story that is never told. Note these are morally licit stem cells. No embryos were created or harmed to obtain these stem cells. Why isn't this big news?


Barb, sfo said...

Nope. Didn't see it. What an amazing treatment, though. And with a person's own cells, no chance of rejection, right?

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Indeed, why isn't it a big story? What a tremendous discovery. You know, Denise, it looks to me that there is actually a kind of "dedication" to the culture of death among proponents of embryonic stem cell research. They WANT the embryos experimented on. Could it be that it really isn't about the so-called potential for cures? Satan has them all confused.

Catholic Mom said...

You are absolutely right. This is not about the potential for cures. This is all about establishing that early human life is devoid of dignity and rights.