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When You Get the Miracle

Those who have been reading this blog regularly may remember that this past Thanksgiving I took a tumble while walking the dog and shattered my wrist. I’ve made a remarkable recovery and really have no functional sequelae from the fracture or subsequent surgery. Even the little twinge I felt a few weeks ago when I made the sign of the Cross has disappeared. Today I had a follow-up x-ray. The results are truly amazing. If you didn’t see the metal plate and screws you would never know the bone was recently broken. The anatomical contours of the joint surface, the radial styloid (which was completely missing after the fracture) and the facets that cup the little carpal bones look perfect. I complimented my surgeon on her good work. She looked at me and said, “Surgeons do not get these kind of results. This is the work of God.”

Her words made perfect sense. I know that prayers were storming Heaven when I had my surgery. In my own clinical practice history, I can recount numerous times when I knew that my work as a doctor was really just channeling the healing powers of God. I was His instrument and couldn’t take much credit for whatever positive result ensued. Still, it feels a little odd to be on the receiving end of this Divine healing.

What do you do when you know that God touched up the work of your very fine surgeon to make you as good as new? Of course I give prayers of thanksgiving. But I also know that these sorts of things don’t happen randomly. There is a purpose: God’s purpose.

Perhaps the first purpose is to let you know that prayers really do get answered. God is truly present and active in our world. He isn’t some sort of passive observer. That will have to do for now. I will let you know if I figure anything else out.


Rosemary Bogdan said…
How wonderful. Yes, God is so good. I saw this with my brother's surgery too. I guess we should not be surprised since Our Father knows when a hair falls from our heads, of course, his concern and involvement is much more so when we are actually injured
Sarah Reinhard said…
Awesome, Denise! Woohoo and a big kudos to...GOD! :)

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