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A Good Husband

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that I am not a big fan of President Obama. I disagree with him on economics, on health care, on abortion, on embryonic stem cell research, and probably a good deal more. However, I am not going to join the crowd fussing because he took his wife to New York City for a date night. Quite frankly, I am thrilled to see the President and his wife act like a loving married couple. Marriage is tough. It takes time and effort to keep the relationship strong. Do we expect them to put their marriage on hold for four or even eight years and pick it up again later? I think it is great that the President takes the time to watch his daughters play soccer and then treats his wife to a special evening out. Our culture needs to see successful men who are also committed family men. A trip to New York City is not that outlandish when you live in Washington D.C. You can’t expect the President to hop on Amtrak. The security issues would be horrific. So they take a private plane. I don’t know if it is customary for the president to reimburse the government for private travel or not. He should do what others have done before him. President Bush spent time at his ranch in Texas and I am sure he flew there on Air Force One. There are plenty of reasons to criticize President Obama and his administration. The fact that he has some one-on-one time with his wife is not one of them.


Michelle said…
His quote - that this fulfilled a promise made to his wife - makes the situation ok in my book. BUT, I lived in NJ during the Clinton administration and he routinely went to NYC. This required road closures, detours, the stopping of the subway, and, in general, a major inconvenience for the citizens. If Obama makes a regular date night on the town part of his normal routine, I would find it to be rude. He should retreat to some normally safe location - as Bush went to his ranch - for downtime.

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