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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heroic Mothers

The Washington Times features an in depth article on some truly heroic mothers. These women resisted the pressures of the culture and the medical community and refused to abort their children with prenatal diagnoses of severe deformities and disabilities:

Nearly 15 years later, she still weeps at the memory of how on the afternoon of Nov. 17, 1994, her gray-eyed daughter Angela lived barely 10 minutes, the victim of Trisomy 18, a fatal genetic defect. Pictures of the dark-haired little girl, robed in a white christening gown, are still scattered about her suburban Maryland home.

She was the first woman her doctor knew who had decided to keep her pregnancy. All his other patients in similar situations had aborted.

"I was so happy I did what I did," she says of her decision to bring Angela to term. "You get to see your child's birth and death all collapsed in one time frame. What most people want for their kids is for them to go to heaven. You get to complete that journey with them. As a parent, that is unbelievable. Life is about relationship to God. You know that when you literally pass them from your hands to His."

Do read the whole article. It is truly inspiring. It also offers multiple resources to help parents who receive a dire prenatal diagnosis. I am sorry to say that most medical professionals will recommend and pressure a woman to abort a disabled child. They offer very little support for the woman who chooses to continue her pregnancy in spite of her child’s poor prognosis. These women forged ahead in spite of the naysayers and welcomed the gift of life, even if it was only for a few moments.

As you read this, offer a prayer for all parents who find themselves in this situation. May they find the grace and strength to accept God’s gift of life.

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