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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Classic wheels

My children are long past the Little Tikes toy stage. However, this article brought back many memories. My children didn’t have a cozy coupe. We had the black pickup truck instead. Many of their friends did have the Cozy Coupe. The neighborhood sidewalks often looked like the Beltway at rush hour.

While my children were enmeshed in the Little Tikes stage I was working at an urgent medical care office. One of the doctors I worked with was a gentleman over age fifty who had no children. He had just seen a child with a broken arm and was concerned the mother had not given a believable story. He was wondering if she was covering up abuse. Her account of the injury went something like this: Her five year-old had just been watching a surfing show on television. He wanted to try surfing. He climbed up on top of his Cozy Coupe and asked a friend to push him around while he tried to balance just like a surfer. He then tumbled down suffering a broken arm on the landing. My colleague questioned whether children would really do anything so outlandish. I just stared at him. At that point I had two young boys of my own. That story sounded so believable I made a mental note to warn my sons against surfing on top of any toy vehicles.

As my children now zoom up and down real highways in real vehicles I think wistfully about those Cozy Coupe days.

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Barb, sfo said...

LOL! I have the feeling that my teenagers would STILL try to "surf" on our Cozy Coupe, had we not given it away to a younger cousin. Those were some great cars.

Clearly that gentleman hadn't spent too much time around preschoolers. Too funny!