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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Mess with Mom

This little girl will be able to say, "Don't mess with my mama. She fought off a cougar with her bare hands!" When Maureen Lee saw a cougar pounce on her daughter and pin her to the ground, the mother acted quickly:

"She was on her back and (the cougar) had his paws on her head, and I just knew I had to react quick.

"So I just jumped in there and wedged myself between the cougar and her on the ground."

Then "I just got up and threw it off my back and grabbed" Maya and ran, she went on.

Even a wild cougar is no match for motherly love. However, do go and read the entire article and most especially the comments. The major concern seems to be the welfare of the cougar. There is outrage that the cougar was hunted and killed.

Consider this comment by tracie:

of course it had to be put down! it was only in its increasingly depleteing habitat! lets just put all wild animals down! disgusting! the animal gets shot again and again and again i give up on the human race i really do, we invade every habitat in the world with our buildings and digging etc and this is what happens, i wouldnt want the little girl to be killed i have kids myself but it really is wrong that these animals are forced in to living closer and closer to humans to them we are a food source what are we going to kill every living creature thats hungry.

Or this one by joe:

Too many people in the world, invading the few remaining natural environments. We must manage and stop the ever accelerating growth of the human population.

Or this one by Clair:

Why do they have to be killed? It's barbaric - are these people trespassing on the cougars natural habitat. Typical...If that was a man that had attacked that child, would he be tracked down and shot?....No...he'd be given a cushy cell and a lifetimes' membership to specialist hospitals and therapy and trips to the caribbean!

Personally, I am very happy the mother and child are safe. I am sorry the cougar had to be killed. However, the safety of the humans is paramount.

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