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Abortion is not a partisan issue

A few weeks ago a nice gentleman knocked on my door and told me he was a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. He was going to knock on every door in his district to try and win our votes. I didn’t recognize his name so I took some of his literature and thanked him for stopping by. I checked out his web site. What did I find? One of his first fundraisers was sponsored by Planned Parenthood. So today when I received a phone call from his campaign asking me how I planned to vote, I told them I am voting for the pro-life candidate which their candidate is definitely not. The woman who called me did not try to show how her candidate could be viewed in a pro-life manner. She agreed that if I was looking for a pro-life candidate, Greg Werkheiser was not the candidate for me. She then said, “Do you always vote Republican?” I had to tell her I always vote pro-life. This is not a partisan issue.

Fortunately, there are some Democrats in the United States House of Representatives who also believe that the pro-life cause is not a partisan issue. Nineteen House Democrats sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi opposing any health care reform bill that does not explicitly prohibit the coverage of abortion.

Rep. Dan Boren, a pro-life congressman from Oklahoma, organized the letter and is the lead signer of it.
"As the debate on health care reform continues and legislation is produced, it is imperative that the issue of abortion not be overlooked," they write. "Plans to mandate coverage for abortions, either directly or indirectly, are unacceptable."
"We cannot support any health care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan," the lawmakers say. "We believe that a government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan should not be used to fund abortion."
The pro-life Democrats also want Pelosi to ensure that the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, a government panel the health care bills would establish, can't recommend that abortions be included in the covered benefits.

This is critical. Pro-abortion Democrats are giving out misleading information saying that the current health care reform package and government health care plan does not include abortion. It doesn’t even address abortion. Actually, the current plan does not specify coverage of anything. It will be up to the Health Benefits Advisory Committee to mandate the specifics of coverage. And rest assured, all of the appointees on this committee will be pro-abortion.

The Susan B. Anthony List web site has a link to email your Representative about this issue. Take action now!


Rosemary Bogdan said…
A proabortion candidate once stopped at my door. I knew her position because she had been our mayor. When she asked for my vote I told her I only vote for candidates who believe that the unborn are entitled to some rights. I asked if she believed humans should have any rights at all before they were born. You should have seen her squirming. A "good" democrat, she stuttered and finally managed to say she was "pro-choice." When framed as a question of rights the abortion issue gets a lot harder for them to defend. I always try to undermine their rhetoric of "choice."

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