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A Picture is worth...

When my family opens the cupboard to get plates to set the table for dinner, they see these lists of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. I hope it reminds them that while we are blessed with abundant food, there are others who are not so comfortable and need our prayers and material support.

And when they open this cupboard to get a glass I hope they take note of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

However, now when they open this cupboard where I keep my casserole and baking dishes, they now see...

this photograph.

You see, my youngest has grown nearly eight inches in the last six months. That means, that all those who still live in our home full time are at least six inches taller than I am. All of my frequently used dishes were migrating to the top shelves where I cannot easily reach them. When I tried to correct my kitchen helpers I got the response, "We can't memorize where everything goes!" Voila! No memorization is needed. Here is a photo that depicts a place for everything and everything in its place. Easy--don't you think?


Barb, sfo said…
Great idea!

I hot-glued spring-type clothespins on the insides of all my upper cabinets. Great for lunch menus, my "frequently-used recipe" sheets and more, including a kitchen prayer.
Karen said…
Love it! I need to make up plan o grams for the closets so the kids and my husband will have a clue as to where things belong.

I like your sheet on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We currently have the works of mercy listed on our basement door as a Lenten project. I'm trying to have my third grader memorize them and incorporate them into her daily life.
Ute said…
I love both ideas! I'm going to post some prayers on my cupboard doors next week, for my own benefit. And pictures of where everything is supposed to be once Dear Husband comes back from deployment, for the benefit of both of us! Thanks for sharing this idea!

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