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Cheerleading Update

Not to belabor this issue since there are many more important issues to address, but listen to this radio interview with the cheerleading coach (Click on the "cheer vs mom" tab) of the little girl kicked off the cheerleading team. If you notice, her attitude is the team can do anything it likes because they win awards. As long as the trophies keep coming, nothing is inappropriate.

Actually, I saw this same attitude when my second son was in the high school band. There was no concern for teaching kids a love a music. It was all about filling the school trophy case with marching band awards. At the high school, if students do not participate in the extracurricular activity of marching band, they are not allowed to participate in any of the concert bands. So my son quit the band but wanted to continue to take private trumpet lessons. The band director called my son's private teacher and told him not to continue teaching my son. I learned from my daughter's flute teacher that it was common for local band directors to blacklist private music teachers who continue to teach students who drop out of band.

The purpose of music, sports, chess club, etc is supposed to be for the benefit of the students. When it starts being about the coach, the band director, the athletic organization, etc, the children will suffer.


RAnn said…
One issue I have with organized sports at all but the very basic levels is that they are for athletes only. All the kids in the neighborhood may sign up for T-ball but as they get older, the ones who really need the exercise are the ones who don't play, or who, when not everyone has to be picked; aren't picked. In really big high schools only uber athletes get any playing time. We spend all that money on sports, and then complain that kids don't exercise. Well, any who really need exercise don't have anywhere to play.
Rosemary Bogdan said…
I couldn't agree more. What a disturbing practice that band story reveals! I hope the trumpet teacher kept teaching your son. Talk about unethical power grabbing. Both your story and the cheerleading story look like what can happen when a society stops evaluating actions based on what is right and what is wrong.
Michelle said…
The cheer is bad enough, but I'm unable to grasp the idea that adults think kicking her off the team is good problem solving. After listening to that show, I understand that plenty of families think the term "booty" is ok (don't understand that, but, whatever). But it just seems that so many of the parents are getting very defensive about their own choices (like using that term or using that cheer) and instead of accepting that another parent's standards are different (higher) and trying to accommodate them, they simply "abort" the issue by removing her from the team.
Denise said…
Michelle, with regards to the term "booty", it depends on how it is used. For example, where I might tell a child to sit her "backside" down in that chair until she finishes her homework, another parent might use the term "booty". However, it takes on a whole new connotation when little girls are shaking it in public. The cheer definitely has a sexual aura about it. Bad enough to see that in the post-pubescent high school girls, but to see it in the pre-pubescent crowd is even more disturbing.

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