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I know that some of you may have daughters who are cheerleaders. I also know that today's cheerleading can be a very physically demanding activity requiring dedication, practice, and skill so is rightfully called a sport. However, the sexualization of young girls by some of the routines is appalling. Consider this story out of Michigan:

A Michigan couple is crying unsportsmanlike conduct after their 6-year-old daughter was removed from a flag football cheerleading team because they complained that one of the team's chants was too risqué.

Jennifer and Duane Tesch, of Madison Heights, say their daughter, Kennedy, was unanimously voted off of the Madison Heights Wolverines flag football cheerleading team during a team meeting Tuesday night. The meeting was held to discuss concerns the Tesches voiced last month regarding one of the team's cheers:

"Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right."

But instead of seeing their concerns with the cheer resolved, the Tesches saw their little girl booted from the team.

Tell me what parent of a daughter of any age wants to see their child shaking her back side and cheering about her "booty". The idea of a bunch of six-year-olds doing this is repulsive. And don't get me started about the "dance teams". I have seen high school dance teams in extremely skimpy outfits gyrating and shaking as if they were auditioning for a strip club. I am amazed that their parents are not mortified. Instead of being embarrassed, their parents are often very proud that their daughters have such hot stuff to strut.

Soccer parents have a lot of flaws but I am very happy that my daughter liked soccer instead of cheerleading. Girls need to know that there is more to being a woman than "booty and boobs". If this is what it means to be a cheerleader at age six, imagine what it will be like at age sixteen.


Barb, sfo said…
Amen! I'm glad this hasn't been an issue for my daughter either. She'd rather play the sport--or be a spectator and actually pay attention to the game and cheer for the athletes.
Rosemary Bogdan said…
I've always been a little uneasy with cheerleaders, even when they are not chanting anything like this. What's with the skimpy outfits, for instance. And now they don't even lead cheers. It's like they're putting on some kind of a show.

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