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Monday, September 13, 2010


Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf would gain a lot more respect and support for his Islamic Cultural Center if he would speak out and unequivocally condemn this.

Leading the charge against the Batak Christians has been the Islamic Defenders Front, which is pushing for the implementation of Islamic-based laws in Bekasi and other parts of the nation.

They are known for smashing bars, attacking transvestites and going after those considered blasphemous with bamboo clubs and stones. Perpetrators are rarely punished or even questioned by police.

The front also pressured local authorities early this year to shutter the Batak church, located in a densely populated Mulsim area, saying the permit was granted without the required approval of residents.

The Christian worshipers have refused to back down. Every week, about 20 or so return to the field to pray, defying threats and intimidation.

Before he levies charges of bigotry at Americans who find it disconcerting that a mosque is being built on the land leveled by terrorists who killed nearly three thousand people in the name of Islam, he should address the bigotry and hatred expressed by those who, in the name of Islam, leap from a motorcycle and ram a knife into the gut of a man, simply because that man is Christian.

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