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Monday, February 28, 2011

More on those trying to undermine the role of parents

In my last post I linked to Rob Vischer's Mirror of Justice post in which he offers the work of Jeffrey Shulman for consideration. Mr. Shulman believes it is important for the law to protect children from the social values of their parents. Naturally, there were quite a few objections to this point of view in the comment section. However, the ninth comment sends shivers up my spine as I think of people with this mindset deciding public policy for my children and grandchildren:

Most parents agree with the parents who have posted in this thread. The conflict of interest itself is sufficient to judge that reaction as unworthy of consideration. It is not at all interesting that the group whose control over other persons is at stake takes the position that the control should remain not only undiminished, but completely free from outside review.

I hate to be harsh, but those of you taking the view that the public school system and/or the medical system shouldn't interfere with the parent-child relationship are complicit in the victimization of millions of physically, psychologically, and sexually abused children.

This man understands nothing about being a parent.

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