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Monday, February 28, 2011

Parents beware!

Rob Vischer at Mirror of Justice offers an example of what current secular cultural elites think of the family. It is frightening. Those who embraced Hillary Clinton's concept of the state as the village to raise your child will embrace Jeffrey Shulman's new book. He writes:

Physically and intellectually transporting the child across the boundaries of home and community, a public education can bring its students a much needed respite from the ideological solipsism of the enclosed family. Of course, public education comes at a cost. It disrupts the intramural transmission of values from parent to child. It threatens to dismantle a familiar world by introducing the child to multiple sources of authority - and to the possibility that a choice must be made among them. Indeed, the open world of the public school should challenge the transmission of any closed set of values. Unless children are to live under "a perpetual childhood of prescription," they must be exposed to the dust and heat of the race - intellectually, morally, spiritually. A public education is the engine by which children are exposed to "the great sphere" that is their world and legacy. It is their means of escape from, or free commitment to, the social group in which they were born. It is their best guarantee of an open future.
Reading those words makes me feel like a mama grizzly. Mr. Shulman and his ilk better keep their paws off my cubs.


Karen said...

Reading stuff like that makes my blood boil.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

And off mine too! Very creepy. There is a spiritual battle going on for the souls of our kids.