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His journey has begun

Just back from the airport and am a little teary eyed still. We took my oldest son Wesley to the airport to begin his journey to Afghanistan. His wife and daughter, my youngest son, my husband and I all went to the airport to send him off with lots of love and a few tears. I was very impressed when the gate agent gave all of us security passes so we could go all the way to the gate with Wesley. She also made a point to thank Wesley for his service. It soothes my heart to see a stranger understand the heartache of this goodbye.

The last time I watched a loved one deploy it was my husband. He was off to Desert Shield. The "Shield" was soon replaced by "Storm". On the night the combat began we were glued to CNN. All we could see was the map of Iraq and all we could hear was the voice of Bernard Shaw, Wolf Blitzer, and Peter Arnett. I was crying. Wesley marched up to the TV map and in his four-year-old voice said, "Mom, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Daddy has to be there to make things right." I never dreamed that twenty years later he would be deploying to the same region in a continuing effort to make things right.

So I am shedding a few tears today. And I am busy chatting with the saints. Today we are raising our hearts and hands to Heaven. Our Lady of Victory, Pray for us. Jesus, Our Savior, make things right.


Barb, sfo said…
With my prayers for your son's safety and that of his fellow soldiers; for strength for his family; and with gratitude for his service.

And that airport gate attendant had CLASS. Nice!
Kitchen Madonna said…
Ditto what Barb said plus big strong Angels around Wesley, the kind that have big swords and shields with "powers" that do all kinds of mighty deeds.
Ebeth said…
Prayers for Wesley and all. Keep us posted on his experience.

...and thank him for me as well!


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