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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Never forget the cost of freedom

My husband is nearing the thirty year mark as an Air Force officer. I also wore an Air Force Uniform. My father was an Air Force officer. So what does my oldest son do? He joins the Army. And I am immensely proud of him. Tomorrow he leaves for Ft. Benning and from there he will deploy to Afghanistan. His wife, daughter, and two dogs have moved in with me. We will pray my son over there and pray him home.

I have watched my own husband deploy. In some ways it is harder to send a son. I think this is more difficult for my husband than it is for me. When duty calls, he is the one that has always left and I have stayed behind holding down the home front. Now my husband is left behind to carry on. It is not that easy. But this is who we are and what we do. I have no regrets.

In addition to offering a prayer for my son and all our men and women who are deployed, please take the time to read these links.

The Washington Post ran this article yesterday that includes remarks by Lt. Gen. John Kelly who notes that most of the United States population is unaware of the military sacrifice in the current war. It was a very hard article to read with my son deploying tomorrow, but it was an article that needs to be read.

Lisa Douglas captures the pain of military goodbyes in this this article.

Not too long after September 11, 2001, I wrote this essay.

In 2007 I wrote this essay about being the mother of a soldier.

Finally, please consider offering this Rosary for soldiers and their families.

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Kitchen Madonna said...

No, I will not forget the cost of freedom. And God bless you and your brave American family.