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The Tortoise and the...

My morning adventure began before I had my first cup of coffee. It was not the usual caffeine-deprived morning adventure like turning the coffee maker on without putting coffee or water in it. No, this was a rescue mission.

First it must be noted that four dogs now abide in my home. Athena is my black Lab mix. She is purported to be a Labradinger--Lab and Springer Spaniel. I just know that she is smart and sweet but in this pack of dogs she comes off as the bossy big sister.

Then there is Hazzard. He belongs to my second son. He is a black Lab/German Shepherd mix. His ears always look like that. That is part of his charm. He is a great big teddy bear with a bark that is more of a bellow. He is a dog of few words but when he chooses to bark, it reverberates through the trees.

Chewy is my daughter-in-law's miniature Dachshund. Just call him Napoleon. There is nothing that the big dogs do that he does not try to do. He is insulted if you offer him a miniature toy. Somehow, he has …


Sometimes your bumper stickers send more of a message than you think. This weekend I was behind a car that had three stickers:

"Obama/Biden 2008"

"Save a live--Adopt! National Animal Rescue League"

"My body--my choice. Don't let grumpy old men take away your right to an abortion"

Divine Mercy Novena begins today

I hope you are able to take advantage of the Church's beautiful liturgies of the Triduum. They offer a perfect spiritual preparation to comprehend the reality of Christ's Passion, Death, and Resurrection. Overlapping this, is the beginning of the Divine Mercy Novena. You can find the prayers here. The Pray More Novenas web site will even email you the prayer each day.

I will be offering this novena in a special way for my mother. It was her favorite devotion. This is also an appropriate time to remember Pope John Paul II. He will be beatified on Divine Mercy Sunday.

The Ascent Towards Holiness

I began Lent with thoughts from Pope Benedict about how this liturgical season was supposed to find us different at Easter than when we began on Ash Wednesday. Lent is a time for moving us towards holiness. As we enter Holy Week, Pope Benedict XVI also reflects on holiness. Do read the whole thing. It is the perfect reflection to keep in mind this entire week. Here is a snippet:

Our procession today is meant, then, to be an image of something deeper, to reflect the fact that, together with Jesus, we are setting out on pilgrimage along the high road that leads to the living God. This is the ascent that matters. This is the journey which Jesus invites us to make. But how can we keep pace with this ascent? Isn’t it beyond our ability? Certainly, it is beyond our own possibilities. From the beginning men and women have been filled – and this is as true today as ever – with a desire to “be like God”, to attain the heights of God by their own powers. All the inventions of the…

Advice for the new Catholic family

In just two short weeks there will be many new Catholic faces in the pews. Thousands of candidates and catechumens are completing their preparation to enter full communion with the Catholic Church. While their preparation has covered the basics, learning about the faith is the work of a lifetime. Many of these converts are not entering alone. They have families who may or may not be familiar with what a Catholic family looks like. What is a Catholic family supposed to do? Of course (We hope!!) their preparation has covered the big points about marriage and children. But what are those little things that should make a Catholic family different?

The series I did several years ago on Keeping your Kids Catholic (It is linked in the sidebar) goes into a lot of details. However, I would love to know what simple advice you would give to a new convert about creating a Catholic family. How do you establish a Catholic identity within your home?

My advice is that you first establish you are a Cath…

No vouchers but yes to abortion

President Obama and his Democratic colleagues in Congress took away school vouchers from the children of Washington DC. Now they are willing to withhold pay from the military and other federal workers in order to ensure that the most dangerous place for a child in Washington DC is in his mother's womb.

More about those "grass roots activists"

The ever vigilant Thomas Peters, aka American Papist, took my post from yesterday and ran with it. Read his post and see how it looks like Planned Parenthood may very well be behind the hiring efforts to increase the number of pro-abortion "grass roots activists".

His summary:

So, let’s recap: Mere days before a major pro-abortion Congressional lobbying day in Washington DC, an organization that has worked with Planned Parenthood before posts an advertisement named “PP DC CL” in a local Craigslist job section to hire people willing to “fight the anti-choice Congress.”In other words, this very well may be yet another example of our tax dollars at work paying for Planned Parenthood to pay people to … get us to pay them with more of our tax dollars.

Pastoral means causing both smiles and tears

Fr. Robert Araujo offers a cogent critique of Marquette University's decision to offer "domestic partner benefits" for its homosexual employees who are in legal domestic partnerships registered with the clerk of their county. This policy only applies to homosexual couples. It does not include heterosexual couples in registered domestic partnerships. The University's president explains this move:

"If we are truly pastoral in our application of the Jesuit principle of cura personalis, I asked myself if I could reconcile that with denying health benefits to a couple who have legally registered their commitment to each other.”

My granddaughter just learned to giggle. This may sound like a non sequitur and the ramblings of a proud Gramma. I will give you the latter but stay with me here. Do you remember when your baby first giggled? You would do absolutely anything to elicit that chuckle. You made funny faces, played peek-a-boo, and otherwise thoroughly humiliated your…

Hiring "grass roots activists"

I found this in the jobs section of the Washington DC Craigslist. It seems the pro-abortion side is hiring mercenary "grass roots activists" for up to $535 per week. Next time you see a pro-abortion protest it would be good to find out how many of those carrying signs are paid protesters. I wonder whose deep pockets are really paying for this.