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A fortunate series of events

You know how you can start one project that leads to another project and then another and then another? This is most common when I am trying to do home improvement projects. One bedroom needs painting but if I am going to paint I might as well see about putting a ceiling fan in like I've been meaning to do and if I am getting the handyman in to do one ceiling fan I might as well get him to put ceiling fans in the other two bedrooms and if I am going to put ceiling fans in the other two bedrooms I might as well paint them as well.

We had a chain reaction this morning with absolutely scrumptious results. On Saturday I went to the farmers' market for the first time this season and picked up a couple of quarts of strawberries. I meant to make a pie with them. However, by the time I got around to making a pie today, I didn't have that many strawberries left. My usual recipe requires a pre-baked pie shell, filled in the bottom with cream cheese that has been thinned with a little milk. I then dip whole strawberries in sugar and stand them pointed-end-up on the cream cheese. The remaining berries are then mashed with sugar and corn starch and cooked until they thicken into a glaze. This is poured over the standing berries and the whole pie is chilled. Today, I decided I would make a smaller pie than usual and skip the standing berries. I just poured the chunky glaze over cream cheese.

Since I used a small 9-inch pie plate instead of my larger deep dish pie plate I had left over pie dough. (I highly recommend making your own pie dough if possible) What to do? I had seen a recipe for homemade "pop tarts". Perfect! I rolled the pie dough out and used a pizza cutter to cut it into rectangles. I took a little cream cheese and mixed it with Nutella. I put a dollop of this mixture on one side of each rectangle then folded the rectangle in half and sealed the cut edges with a fork. I poked a few steam holes in the top of each tart and baked them in a 350-degree oven until browned--about 15 minutes in my oven. They were amazing.

Bon apetit!


Karen said…
That pie looks yummy. I may have to give a strawberry pie a try when all of our strawberries start turing red.
Colleen said…
Happy to have found your blog and yummy pie recipe. I also enjoyed your explaining how one small project can morph into whole house event.

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