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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A response to a critic

Normally I delete anonymous hostile comments. However, I decided this comment (which is indented and in bold print) which was submitted to this post might be instructive.

OR....Artificial contraception is an elective medical therapy

Ok. We agree on something. Artificial contraception is elective medical therapy. It is not essential health care. It is optional. That is what elective means. It is a lifestyle choice.

For those desiring to enable the totally normal and healthy physical condition of NOT being pregnant while engaging in sexual relations.

On the contrary. Fertility is not a disease. It is a normal, physiological condition. It is not normal and physiological to engage in sexual relations without the possibility of pregnancy unless you are prepubescent—and in that case the sexual relations are sexual abuse--, you are already pregnant, or you are post-menopausal. Otherwise, you suffer from the non-physiological condition of infertility. The purpose of oral contraceptives is to induce this non-physiological condition of infertility.

Your counter argument is pretty weak from a medical stand-point. However, if you want to play the "Conservation Catholic" card and argue about "God's will" goooo ahead. I wonder how far an argument of God's Will regarding female reproductive rights would go in the courts?

No one is trying to outlaw contraception. If you want to choose this lifestyle, in your words, “goooo ahead”! All I am saying is that elective medical therapy should not be mandated for insurance coverage. We don’t force insurance companies to pay for Botox injections. Why should we force them to pay for this elective medical therapy?

Catholic conservative theology and medicine are two different topics, and just because you have a[sic] educated grasp of both, doesn't mean that what you are preaching isn't erroneous, ridiculous, and contradictory.

Tell me again what I have said that is erroneous or contradictory? Ridiculous is a subjective judgment and you are certainly entitled to your opinion as to what is ridiculous.

It's probably a good thing you don't practice medicine anymore. I can't imagine if I sent my daughter to you at a clinic and you starting to council[sic] her about your specific religious beliefs regarding female contraceptive practices when she was there to see an unbiased medical professional in obtaining a valid and legal prescription.

Ah, yes. Nothing persuades like a good ad hominem attack. Never fear. If you were to bring your daughter to my office in order to enable her fornication there would be no surprises. I would be very upfront that I run a medical practice that is pro-life and consistent with Catholic medical ethics before you ever set foot in the door.


Barb, sfo said...

Frankly, I'd be thrilled if my daughter went to a medical exam and found someone who thinks like you as her doctor--rather than the pediatrician (my least favorite in the practice) who openly "dissed" me about my choice not to have my daughter receive Gardasil. Plenty of "wink wink, nudge nudge" at my daughter, intimating that she is the cool doctor and I am the uncool mom. Thanks for that.
Stick to your guns (oh, I know you will; I'm not worried about that) and THANKS for sticking to them.

Tony said...

Of course contraceptive "therapies" are elective. They take something that operating properly and break it.

I always hear the argument "why do they cover Viagra and not contraception" (like if it involves genitalia, it ought to be fair), but Viagra fixes something that's broken. Contraception (and abortion) break something that's working properly.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I agree with Barb. I would LOVE to have my daughters have you for a doctor. You would be wonderful. (Although so is the very strong Catholic doctor they do have.) I'm glad you responded Denise. Those points needed to be made.