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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would anyone notice?

Rob Vischer at Mirror of Justice expresses some concern over the expanding use of drones in military conflicts. He worries that if we are not putting troops in harm's way we will not be as judicious in our use of military force. That may be a reasonable theoretical concern. However, here is my response:

My husband just retired after 30 years of service to the Air Force and my oldest son is currently in the Army, stationed in Afghanistan.I spent much of today walking the halls of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Around every corner was a young man who was maimed from service in Iraq or Afghanistan. The number of amputees I saw brought me to tears. This sight is hidden from most Americans. I understand your concern that using drones might loosen the inhibitions against using military force. However, there is such a disconnect between the military and the general public as it is, that most Americans are only vaguely aware of the sacrifice of our armed forces in the current conflicts. I don't know that many would notice we are losing drones instead of soldiers.
Now I realize that many of you are part of a military family and know exactly what the cost of armed conflict is. I also know that many of you are unwavering in your support of the military. My comments are not directed at you.  Unfortunately, for way too many Americans, episodes of NCIS are as close as they come to the military. They are oblivious to what it means to serve in the military and to be part of a military family. There is a huge gulf between those who serve and those who don't. No one who is not in the military or a civilian supporting military operations is sacrificing for this war effort. The military is a fuzzy concept without a human face.

If you don't know anyone in the military, why don't you take a look at this. Put a name and face to our military. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for their sacrifice and another prayer for their continued safety.

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