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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go to Mass. Offer it up.

I have mentioned before that this is one of my most popular posts. People do a Google search for "travel dispensation for Mass" and find it. I suspect some are sorely disappointed when they read in the first sentence that there is no such thing as a "travel dispensation".

I though about this yesterday when I spoke with my son who is stationed in Afghanistan. We are blessed that he is able to phone us regularly. He had not phoned in a while so I knew he had been out and about in the countryside. He mentioned that when he did get to another base he found they were having Mass and attended. Just as at his primary base, the priest was Polish. It didn't matter. It was the Mass.

So if my son can make it a point to find Mass in the wilds of Afghanistan, I can't imagine that it would be that difficult to find Mass here in the United States. The instructions on doing so are in the first link. And if you find going to Mass a little inconvenient this weekend because you have soccer games, work, relatives visiting, or some other competing activity, go anyway. Offer it up. Pray for all the soldiers who serve in war torn areas and struggle to find Mass. Pray for all the priests who serve these soldiers. And if you need a special intention, pray for the cadre of Polish priest who have offered spiritual support to my son during his deployment. I will be forever in their debt.

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Barb, sfo said...


I will be attending 2 Masses tomorrow--one because I'm a musician there and one at Middle Sister's high school open house (long story...) Will offer my prayers at those Masses for your son and all his fellow soldiers--and for the priests who minister to them.